You’ve heard about it, but does it actually work? When used correctly, by the experts (that would be us) then yes, absolutely.

We take the hassle and the long, slow grind of relationship building and streamline it into a smooth automated system that will leave your customers and prospects simply and efficiently satisfied.

What are the benefits of using marketing automation and a CRM?

Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) – like SalesForce, Sugar, and Zoho – mainly serve as organizational tools for tracking marketing and sales communications and housing data on prospects, leads, and customers.

Simply put, a CRM does not generate leads or help convert them to sales.

Marketing automation, on the other hand, provides a whole suite of tools for generating and qualifying leads, and converting them to sales.

Robust Set of Tools With marketing and sales efforts growing increasingly interconnected, clear communication and visibility between departments has become more critical than ever.

Unlike CRMs and other traditional management tools, marketing automation offers a whole range of capabilities that help improve communication between teams and maximize productivity – so you can get the most out of your efforts, in one easy place.

Marketing automation uses forms, behavior tracking, email automation, lead scoring, sales notifications, analytics, and more to feed leads into the sales funnel, and then it optimizes the sales cycle by tracking leads closely throughout the journey.

CRM Integration Marketing automation and CRMs work very well together, as they each offer specific functionalities.

Our software comes with a CRM built into the platform, and it also integrates easily with third-party CRMs.

Our marketing automation systems ensure that the personalized touch is at the core of your entire campaign.

We’re only too aware that today’s consumers are far too savvy to be coerced into mechanical and dry marketing. Who has the time to feel like some company is just spamming or cold calling you?

This is why we ensure that our campaigns are creative, efficient and tailored to suit you and your customers needs.

Don’t waste any more time, money or potential future sales. Become a well-oiled marketing machine today.

Can I afford Marketing Automation?

Our Marketing Automation Software is extremely affordable. The benefits to your company are huge, and that it far outweighs the cost. Clients are investing in the results our agency will provide for them – and with Marketing Automation, we can deliver and prove a significant return on that investment.

Furthermore, we can offer our software at 1/10th the cost of competing platforms.

For more information on the pricing option at your disposal, call us now on 012 997 2549.

If you’re spending thousands of rands on a PPC campaign that is only driving a handful of leads, our software will identify the issue and help you redirect those rands toward productive campaigns.

Consolidating Tools – Convrt offers a robust set of features and easy integration capabilities, so you can consolidate all of your existing data and operate from a single, affordable platform.

By replacing your MailChimp or equivalent subscription, you can find the budget for marketing automation and provide more value for your money.

Automated Processes Evaluate our clients’ processes and see how we can help automate frequently repeated communications. By setting up a series of emails for new customers, you could relieve staff of multiple calls and emails associated with onboarding, freeing them up for client service tasks that cannot be automated.

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