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Make it happen with Content Marketing

If you are trying to bring your business into the 21st century by using marketing automation software in South Africa you are not alone. Many forward thinking businesses have decided to automate their content marketing by using new software, but this is no quick fix, you must have a good understanding of how to use these amazing tools for them to be effective.

#1 Use qualified leads
Many companies jump on the idea of using marketing automation software in South Africa without doing the proper ground work needed to get great results. Before you choose software you must have great, qualified leads. Don’t buy a generic email list filled with people who have no interest in your product of service, it will be a waste of your money, and their time.

#2 Provide quality content
Good content marketing is all about providing value. If you are blasting out emails that recipients aren’t excited to read, you’re wasting your time. To provide value you must know what your customers are interested in and how to teach them about it.

#3 Use multiple channels
To get the most out of marketing automation software in South Africa don’t limit yourself to email as your only contact with potential customers. Consumers are paying less attention to their emails and placing more weight on the recommendations of their friends on social media. Ignoring social media could be costing you customers.

#5 Find the most interested leads
A company using marketing automation software in South Africa has access to many tools to help them reach customers. One powerful tool helps you find customers most inclined to want or need your products. Spend most of your resources talking to these customers.

#6 Know when customers are ready to buy
Keeping track of when customers are ready to buy is a primary reason to use marketing automation software in South Africa. Most programs allow you to keep tabs on your prospective clients activities so you know the best time to reach out to them with the offer that gets them to buy.

If you are relying on content marketing to drive customers to your website be sure you are doing so with your eyes wide open. Without the right tools to guide you there is a good chance you are sending the wrong content to the wrong client at the wrong time. Using marketing automation software in South Africa is a great way to get a grip on the information you need to succeed.