Get The Conversation Going With Chatbots

Have you considered the use of a chatbot to further your customer relations or sales process? The growth of smartphones has prompted an even higher demand for instant communication between customer and company. Chatbots are the innovative new way to facilitate this demand.

What exactly is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human interaction in a conversation. Sophisticated chatbot programs can convincingly hold a “natural” conversation through complex language processing and artificial intelligence systems. However, most chatbots use a simpler rule-based system that scans for keywords in the input and then pulls a reply with the most matching keywords or the most similar wording pattern from a database. Essentially, a chatbot is a service that a person interacts with via a chat interface such as a virtual assistant, a messaging platform, or an app or website. Chatbots are typically used in virtual dialog systems for purposes such as customer service or information acquisition. They can be classified into usage categories such as conversational commerce (e-commerce via chat), analytics, communication, customer support, design, development, education, entertainment, HR, marketing, news, social and so much more.

Why choose chatbots?

For the first time ever, people are using messaging apps more than they are using social networks. Messaging apps are becoming the platforms of the future, and chatbots are how businesses can reach their customers on these platforms. According to Research and Markets, the chatbot market is set to reach a revenue of $3.1-billion by 2021, and South Africa is perfectly positioned to generate a significant percentage of this market potential. 76 percent of local consumers are using their mobile devices to get more information from online sources to help make a purchase decision, even while in store. Chatbots are the ideal way to assist consumers and convert those leads. Become a well-oiled marketing machine with the help of Convrt Marketing. We offer the following services:

  • Website creation
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead generation
  • E-commerce services
  • Agile marketing, content marketing, funnel linked marketing and ROI marketing

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