The Importance Of A Website In Online Marketing

The first and most important step in online marketing is building and launching a website. A website is an online business card that holds all of the relevant information regarding your services and products. It can be shared, pointed to and recommended to any interested individual who might turn into a customer further down the line.

SEO and advertising

You cannot have SEO marketing if you do not have a website. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation, and it is the process of ensuring that your website is on the first page result when people search for certain keywords. It is a powerful marketing tool that can draw in new customers for a relatively low cost. You then have advertising, which also works best with a website. Using AdWords, a company can run advertising campaigns at the click of a button. The platform comes with powerful analytic, budgeting and targeting tools, which allow you to calibrate your message in order to ensure the highest ROI. Combined with an SEO campaign, online advertising can help develop a healthy stream of clients.

Content and Social Media marketing

Content can be used to generate sales that would otherwise require an entire sales team. With content such as ebooks, blog posts, landing pages, case studies and solid website copy, you can convince a lead to convert into a customer. You can also use content to get a user to commit by providing an email address, which can then be the target of an email marketing campaign. Content marketing is currently one of the most widely used and most effective forms of online marketing. There are numerous platforms which can help draw customers. All of these platforms work best if you can link a profile to your website page. A potential customer will find your company, go through the documentation on your website, and then contact you and possibly become a paying customer. Whether you need a website built from scratch or a brand-new look for your existing website, Convrt Marketing will help you create your online foundation. For online marketing services, contact Convrt today.