Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel Marketing: What’s The Difference?

Modern marketing channels have evolved over time. However, the techniques have remained the same. Consumers still require products and services. But today’s customer is far more discerning and has a much wider range to choose from. It is now the marketer’s job to distinguish their brand in a sea of similar service offerings.

Multichannel and Omnichannel marketing explained

In the past, the most popular marketing channel was print. Common methods of advertising that businesses used were:

  • hand-drawn posters
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • and product packaging

Then came radio, and later, television. Nowadays, online advertising in the form of social media, newsletters, email marketing, websites, and mobile ads are just as influential, if not more so. Multichannel marketing means using all these methods to target consumers without necessarily tying them together. Each channel applies its own individual marketing strategy. Omnichannel marketing uses the same channels as multichannel marketing. However, when you use the omnichannel approach, all your marketing efforts are driven by a single idea that encompasses the various media. You begin with a single message, then tailor it for the various forums, making sure everything ties together as a holistic unit. The consumer can easily see that it’s all the same campaign, just in different formats. Omnichannel is often referred to as a 360-degree campaign.

Utilising the difference

Most companies offer multiple products and services. They might even have similar products in different price ranges to appeal to multiple distinct customer segments. In such a case, each product will have its own marketing team, demographic, and preferred marketing method. Multichannel advertising works here, since each campaign runs independently. On the other hand, during a product launch, you want to reach as many potential consumers as possible. Your product or service hasn’t defined itself yet, and while you might have a target customer profile, it’s not proven yet. In such a case, a 360-degree approach is more effective. It creates a sales funnel that you can later narrow down. Omnichannel also works well for rebranding. Learn more about online marketing by reading Convrt Marketing’s blog.