Make The Move To Mobile Marketing

Advertising has come a long way since the days of commercials and radio spots. While they still have a role to play, marketing has largely been eclipsed by online advertising. Social media and search engine marketing has a wider reach than traditional forms of advertising. Web ads can communicate with consumers in a way that appeals to them, but there’s a channel that’s even more effective: mobile phone advertising.

Benefits of mobile marketing

While many consumers use ad blockers on their computers and Macs, they rarely engage them on their mobile devices. Also, modern mobile ads are better designed for smartphones and tablets. This means it’s easier to click on a mobile phone ad than it is on a computer screen. Other reasons to use mobile marketing include:

  • Ubiquity: Consumers carry their phones everywhere, and your ads go with them.
  • Accountability: It’s easier to track the performance and ROI on mobile.
  • Cost: In relative terms, mobile advertising is cheaper than other channels.
  • Reach: These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone, so you get more eyeballs.
  • Convenience: Mobile ads are much easier to develop, engage, and create.

Go where your customers are

A few decades ago, pop-ups were the bane of internet users. They got in the way of ordinary browsing, and if your page loaded a tad slowly, you’d find yourself on an advertiser’s site. Nowadays, technology has given consumers ways to dodge the pop-up ad. In addition, the consumers themselves have learned to subconsciously skip over ads, lowering click rates. On mobile phones, however, content looks different and ads can seem native to articles and blog posts. The size of the screen, the style of display, and the features of mobile phones all work together to make ads natural and attractive, which holds your potential customer’s attention. And since they’re all glued to their mobile phones from the start, it’s a clever idea to seek them where they already are. Are you convinced about the need to switch to mobile? Get a business friend on board and learn more together by reading the Convrt Blog.