The Magic of SEO


There are literally millions of websites on the Internet.  In this jungle, how do you make sure that your customers can find you?  Even though you are using pay per click advertising (PPC) and working on your brand with social media, you shouldn’t discount the power of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Get seen first with SEO!

It goes without saying that, if your site appears amongst the top 5 sites presented in a results page, there is an excellent chance you will draw traffic to your site.  Without SEO, your site is not going to feature on the front page of the search results.  You will be the proverbial needle in the haystack, and will never be found. SEO enables your product or service to be presented to users whenever they search for it.

SEO gives you the opportunity to tell a search engine what your site, page, and product is all about.  A search engine will take a snippet from each of your website pages to describe what that site or page contains.  With SEO you don’t rely on random snippets. You provide an accurate and targeted description for every page. Wouldn’t you prefer to be in control of what is displayed?  There are a number of easy tools in the SEO arsenal that will assist you to get noticed.

SEO best practice

Google reckons that, when a user is searching for something, they should be rewarded with exactly what they are looking for. SEO helps users find that thing, quickly and easily. So, when you apply SEO, always keep the user in mind.  If you use SEO to improve the user experience, Google will reward you by making it easier for them to find you.

There are no SEO secret formulas to be applied for instant success.  There are only good practices.  Don’t expect quick fixes with SEO.  It takes months to grow your organic presence but once you have it, you will reap the rewards. It may feel like the rules keep changing with SEO.   That’s because search engines keep evolving to make sure that the end user experience is as positive as possible. Get assistance with SEO for your website from the experts at Convrt.