The Power Of Adwords

Having an online presence is becoming more and more important in today’s business world.  Customers expect to be able to find information about your business or product any time of day or night.  Even if they don’t intend to purchase immediately, the modern consumer will research the options available.  A website has become a necessity for every business.  Having a website only solves half of your problem, however.

The second part of the problem is getting traffic to your website.  Typically this is going to happen in two ways.  The first is by organic search and the second is by paid search.

The difference between organic and paid search

Getting traffic through organic search queries is a bonus for any website.  Your customer types in a search query and your website will appear somewhere in the search results.  It could appear on page one or it could appear on page 10.  The cold hard truth is that most customers will not look past page 1, so if you’re not there you’re nowhere!

Google does not provide definitive rules on what you should do to rank first.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a whole industry dedicated to finding that holy grail.  With paid search the rules are much clearer.  When set up properly, your Adword campaign will ensure that your website is one of the first presented to a customer.

By using Adwords, you make sure that a customer can find you by creating adverts that catch the eye of your potential customers and include specific keywords. You make sure your website reflects the keywords and delivers to the customer what they are looking for.  With Adwords and paid search, you are in control.

Why your business needs Adwords

Let’s look at the numbers: 50% of South Africans are Internet users. 60% of mobile phones are smartphones.  Online sales are growing by 20% every year. You are missing a big opportunity if you are not taking advantage of this trend.  Adwords provides you with the reach you need, and a means to connect with your potential customers.  Google statistics estimate that for every R1 spent on Internet advertising, R2 income is generated.  Can your business afford not to use Adwords?