Three Little Words To Impress Her: Marketing Automation Software

So you keep hearing the term marketing automation software. You’ve even been known to drop it into conversations around the weekly mass family dinner table gatherings or down at the pub between games. But how shrewd and slick are you with your responses when Aunt Eileen, or your buddie’s girlfriend ask you, “Marketing automation software, what?” So here are 3 solid facts to offer them when they give you that bemused, yet intrigued look.

In a Word

Drop this on their laps and not only will it further impress everyone at the pub, increase your chances of greater name space in old Aunties will, because she just thinks you’re the smartest thing since sliced cheese and help you attract anyone with an ear for the right business move in 2014.

“Marketing automation software in South Africa is best described in one word (utilize your dramatic pause here) … Optimisation.”

Then sit back, sip your drink and enjoy the attention. Because you know that what this means is, improving the journey of each and every customer, while utilising marketer’s time efficiently.

The Future Is Now

So, not everyone is going to know what you’re talking about and many will drift off into other conversations, but those who stay will either know something about inbound marketing or be wanting to know about your casual yet impressive understanding about marketing automation software. Prepare to reel them in with this delightful snippet. Picture such finely tuned consumer purchasing profiles interfacing with the geo-location afforded by the growth in smart-phone technology, that as an individual walks down the street, they’re offered customised specials from the stores around them particular to the needs, desires and aspirations. Get what you want, where you want, before you even know you want it. The pub has just gone silent and all eyes are on you…

The Knockout Punch

Inbound marketing and marketing automation software is critical in converting leads to sales and ensuring an overall customer satisfaction. But this is obvious to you. You even know a bunch of the internationally established firms that broke the ground into this marketing phenomenon. But do you know which organisation is leading the pack in overall standings on all levels here in South Africa? Of course you do. In fact when you’re done impressing people right left and centre, even your Auntie Eileen will know that Convrt is synonymous with marketing automation software in this country. And she thinks it’s far cooler than sliced cheese!