3 Hot tips for Inbound Marketing in SA

So you’ve figured out that you need to get your company’s marketing automation software sorted out and you’ve got a couple of ideas that you’ve been playing around with. But it’s always helpful to ensure that anything you put into place with regards your inbound marketing is slick and effective, otherwise you’re most probably wasting your time and quite possibly burning your potential customers.

So here are 3 tips that will help you have a far more effective marketing automation software plan:

1 Keep a Clean CRM

If your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database is outdated, cluttered or incomplete, you’re going to end up with the equivalent of a ball of string that’s been sitting at the bottom of the desk drawer for years and now you’re trying to tie something together and all you’ve got is a mess. Your chosen marketing automation software is going to synch with your CRM, so before you do anything else, go through it and ensure that everything on there, and nothing more, is what you need. It won’t take you long and once you get into the habit of refining your system, you’ll see that the returns far outweigh the admin.

2 Supercharge Your Sales Team

Your team needs to operate with a perceived process in mind as to how your package is put together. How sales made are going to fit into the customised marketing programs or how the new marketing automation software is going to affect their role in promoting and converting. Everything that adjusts and changes with your new inbound marketing strategy needs to be clearly communicated to your sales team, so that they know what they’re pushing. All the aspects of your communication and marketing need to flow and correlate. Otherwise, once again, you’re going to have that ball of jumbled string.

3 Knowledge is Power

There is absolutely no limit to the amount of knowledge you yourself can and should be absorbing, researching and implementing. There is a huge wealth of information on the internet, in books, in webinars regarding the trends, tricks and tools you can use to ensure the marketing automation software strategy you choose to use is the best and most flexible for the situations in which your business finds itself. Spend the time every day and week doing your own studies and research. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it will pay itself back, in ways you can’t yet begin to appreciate. A good place to begin: www.convrt.co.za