Vlogging? Does It Hurt?



Have you heard of vlogging? We’re talking about video blogging, the next step in the content marketing evolution. Powered by the second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube vlogging takes blogging – and your internet marketing — to the next level.

Content Marketing Gets Graphic

If you’re one of those SME business owners who think video blogging is out of your reach, think again! It’s not like you have to invent things to put into your vlog – things are happening every day in your offices. It’s a case of sharing this with your potential customers – giving them enough of a taste of what you do and how you do it, to have them reaching out for more. You have the content right at your fingertips – all you have to do is set up a camera on a tripod and have some fun.

Showcase one of your products or services, and talk about how it works – how hard can it be? Maybe you need a little assistance putting your vlog together or getting it up on YouTube – this is where a marketing agency like Convrt can save you time and help you build your reputation. The trick with vlogging – like any blogging – is to post regularly. Don’t let too much time pass before you post your next interesting vlog. You might need your marketing agency to guide you on how often to vlog, what content to showcase, and how to tag your vlog so that it is easily found by users searching for your kinds of services and products.

3 Tips From A Marketing Agency

Here are 3 things that’ll make your vlogging successful:

#1 Don’t Sell – it seems counter-intuitive, but your vlog is NOT a sales pitch or presentation. It’s a chance to tell people something interesting (and compelling) about your business, and its products and services. You’re building a following – the conversions will come if your content is appealing to your audience.

#2 Record As You Go – there’s nothing worse than getting to your vlog deadline and suddenly discovering that you have no material. It will never come to this if you keep track of ideas as they come to you – use a notepad app or voice recorder. Invite others in the company to share their vlog ideas and you will never run out of relevant, interesting material for your vlogging content marketing.

#3 Cut the Codswollop – how you edit your video blog is just as important as the filming. Add transitions and other effects to keep it fresh and interesting.   

Vlogging takes your blogging up a notch and puts your finger directly on the pulse of content marketing. It’s too powerful to ignore – why don’t you give it a shot?