Is A Marketing Agency Worth It?

Content marketing is easy. All you have to do is put something interesting together: throw some great sounding words into a colourful infographic, and you’ll be going viral in no time. How hard can it be?

But before you decide to drop your print and radio advertising, and to tack content marketing onto one of your staff member’s to-do lists, take a moment to consider why content marketing is outstripping traditional marketing.  Here are 3 good reasons to embrace this brave new world:

#1 Content Marketing is Leading the Way

Content marketing isn’t just about being seen and heard – it’s about creating leads.  When compared to traditional marketing, inbound marketing produces more, higher quality leads – we’re looking at 10% more, better leads from inbound marketing than from traditional practices.

#2 Content Marketing is Twice as Effective

Want to double your website conversion rates? Easy: adopt an inbound marketing strategy.  Be warned though. It isn’t enough to post fabulous content now and then – you need a hard-hitting strategy that includes using technology resources to analyse and track your content so that you can improve your targeting and refine your messaging.

#3 Content Marketing Shares The Load

Thing is, taking the step away from old fashioned it-is-like-we-say-it-is marketing to the inbound let’s-share-it approach may mean a shift in company perspective. Successful content marketing can require a company culture re-direct. No longer is marketing the domain of a single person or department: now it is everyone’s business. Will your staff go for it?

Your marketing team doesn’t have to be huge to be effective – global trends show companies achieving their goals with dynamic teams of six or less – but it does have to be SEO savvy, creative and dedicated to the cause of generating remarkable content that can cut through the ever-growing noise out there. Do you have these resources in-house? It could make more sense to lean on the expertise of a local marketing agency that knows your target market, and has the capabilities to track and measure your online marketing efforts to make sure that you get your money’s worth … and more.

As any inbound marketer worth their salt will tell you, a few posts on Facebook does not make a content marketing campaign. A marketing agency with their fingers firmly on the pulse of the internet is the one you want to be talking to, to guide the creation of inspirational content that everyone wants a piece of.