To Blog Or Not To Blog?

To blog or not to blog, that is the question that Hamlet would have asked if he’d been running a business in South Africa today instead of waiting to become the King of Denmark. Times are changing, and if you’re not racing at the head of the content marketing pack, you’re going to be left behind. Let’s look at the top 4 reasons why blogging can make a vital difference to your marketing strategy.

#1 Your target audience loves blogs

Attracting affluent, young, new consumers to your brand should be your main priority. If you hook them early, they’ll keep using your products for the rest of your life. These 20 and 30-somethings don’t read flyers, and when adverts come on the radio or television they switch over to another channel. One thing they do love, though, is spending time on the internet. That’s where your marketing strategy should be targeted.

Taking advertisements on popular websites can be expensive, and it may get lost among all the other adverts. Content marketing reaches out to your consumers without them even realising it. Blogs are a super effective way to make content marketing work for you. Studies in the United States showed that 81% of consumers trusted information on a blog, and 61% had made a purchase based on a blog. The same people who read blogs are also creating their own, and 53% of bloggers are aged between 21-35. That’s exactly who you need to attract.

#2 A website is a dead site without a blog

If your website is blogless then it reads the same day after day. Why should people keep returning to it? They’ll move onto a website that has new information on it every time they visit. Blogs are proven to drive traffic to websites, and the numbers are stunning. Blogging businesses have 97% more inbound links, making them much more visible on search engines. A leading marketing agency study into content marketing shows that business to business companies generate 67% more leads through a blog.

#3 Blogs create a positive image for your company

If your business doesn’t blog then it will look behind the times. Is that the image you want to convey? When you have a fun, informative blog, consumers will be enthused by your products and services. I used a key word there – fun! Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons consumers read blogs. Don’t stick to dull, dry content, liven it up a bit. If you have a fascinating, or fun, story on your blog you’ll find that readers share it on social media. That’s how content marketing can work for you.  Your target consumers are directing other target consumers on to your website.

#4 Blogging is a cost-effective marketing solution

Are you spending too much on your marketing? The answer is almost certainly yes. Blogs are virtually free to set up and run, and professional content writers can create exciting copy for much less than it would cost to place an advert in a newspaper. That’s why blogging is becoming so popular with the forward thinking marketing agency.

Content marketing, driven through your blog, will mean that your product can go global at the click of a button. Now that would even have brought a smile to Hamlet’s face.