Video on Website

Theyre everywhere ? nowadays most sites you click onto have some kind of explainer video on the landing page. Looks like its the way to go, doesnt it? But, before you commit to the expense of following this trend, lets find out if it will make any real difference to your business. The bottom line is, will it up your traffic and convert your users?

Is it worth adding video to your inbound marketing strategy? You cant argue with the numbers, so lets look at SEO stats for the last year or two.

  1. Will you get onto the top 100 search listing in Google without video on your site? The answer is: unlikely. Of the top 100 Google listings in 2012, almost 70% had videos. Thats a trend worth noticing!
  1. Aiming for a page one listing on Google? Increase your chances by 53% by including video, says Forrester Research. And, as we all know, if youre not on page one, youre nowhere.
  1. Want traffic? Forbes says that even senior executives are tempted by video ? 65% have visited a companys website after viewing a video. Are you still wondering where the power is? Good marketing automation software will put your video into the right inboxes at the right time to up your companys visibility without stealing time from your staff.
  1. Want to keep a user on your website long enough time to see your offer? Youve got less time than you think to make a good first impression ? or any impression at all! It seems that 57% of online shoppers will abandon a boring or slow website in just 3 seconds. Video gives you a chance to grab their interest. A visitor will stay on a site on average 2 minutes longer when they watch a video.
  1. Want users to remember you? Studies show that users will retain 58% more of what they see on your video than what they read on your page. Lets put this into perspective: Forrester Research guru Dr James McQuivey says, A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

It used to be that video for your website, social media and emails was a nice-to-have feature, but thats a thing of the past. Nowadays, with 55% of users watching at least one video every day, watching online videos is mainstream. Not sure if video is here to stay? YouTube has over 1 billion unique user visits each month. Time to get with the programme?