Incoming! Experience The Power Of Viral Marketing


A bucket of ice-water over the head is a real wake-up call for anyone. The question of the minute is, how and why the Ice Bucket Challenge has spread the word across the world.

Why is Viral Marketing an Effective Strategy?

The face of inbound marketing has been transformed since the advent of online social media. Thanks to the power of viral marketing, news about products and services are spreading across the globe in less than 24 hours. Take the example of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Its unlikely that you havent heard of this unusual fundraiser on the news or your newsfeed.

The Ice Bucket Challenge involves being filmed while having a bucket of ice cold water poured all over you. For the privilege, people are encouraged to donate to a worthy cause; in this case, the cause is research on the ALS syndrome (Amyotrophic Lateral Syndrome). All donations go towards research.

The important point is that the promoters were able to use super-effective inbound marketing strategies to broadcast their challenge all over the world from Japan to California ? and everywhere in between. They used the incredible viral power of online social media including Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Why should you consider Implementing Inbound Marketing Strategies on Social Media?

Television and print media as marketing mediums are still options ? but the costs will be astronomical and they dont pack the punch that social media does. Given the huge popularity of online media, you can expect to expand your outreach to a global market within days or weeks. The best part is that you hardly have to invest any money to make this happen.

The reason its called going viral is that just like a virus (which replicates itself through the body at lightning speed), the content enjoys rapid spread on the Internet. However unlike a nasty virus, viral marketing is a great thing as it implies very high traffic and extremely high exposure for your product or service. Want the same for your business? At Convrt, we can walk you through the process.

Inbound marketing involves attracting customers to read about your business rather than investing extra effort into scouring the marketplace for business.

How is Viral Activity relevant as a Marketing Technique?

Any content that is interesting, relevant and sharable has the potential to go viral. For example, songs, articles, blogs, photographs, news or videos may go viral. Thus viral activity gives a potent shot in the arm to inbound marketing efforts and eventually helps you make huge sales and attract huge profits.

The promoters of the Ice Bucket Challenge used effective inbound marketing strategies and provided attractive and interesting content which went viral. The result was that they enjoyed unprecedented success in their campaign.