How To Choose Marketing Automation Software In South Africa


Are you planning to invest in marketing automation software? In South Africa, both large and small companies have employed marketing automation in some way or the other before this category even had a name. Marketing automation software is software that allows you to create content (emails, deliverables, landing pages etc) and present it to your prospective buyers at the right time.

Investing in automation software is no longer perceived as a cool new fad ? in other words, every company needs it! ?Thanks to several types of new and advanced technologies, marketing automation software in South Africa is now becoming a defined aspect of every company’s marketing budget.

The Hit-And-Miss Game is Over

In the past, marketing processes have actually been more about intuition and art than analysis and science; most marketers in the past worked more by feeling than by following facts. Marketing experts have long been asked to acquire leads and forward eligible prospects to a company’s sales team. When a marketer delivers a highly qualified lead, he or she is celebrated; but when they do not, he or she is dismissed or asked to explain themselves.

First Things First

Prior to selecting the right automation company in South Africa to help you with your company’s marketing, you will need to have a very good understanding of what marketing automation software is and what the software does. (As mentioned earlier, the software allows businesses to create compelling content and deliver it to their prospective buyers at the right time).

If you need to sell the idea to your team or to the upper management prior to shopping for marketing automation software in South Africa, you will need to explain to them how investing in automation software would benefit the company immensely.

As soon as everyone on your team or in upper level management is on-board, you will need to ensure that you invest in the best system available ? but you must ensure that you choose software that is the best fit for your business.

7 Step Success Checklist

Here are buying steps you need to take in order to get precisely what your business needs to woo prospective buyers:

  1. Write out your objectives for your business’ marketing project
  2. Map out your timeline
  3. Indentify all your marketing requirements
  4. Put together a team
  5. Assess potential vendors against your marketing scenarios
  6. Talk to a potential vendor’s references
  7. Make your decision ? choose the company that offers the best marketing automation that meets your requirements

By following these steps, you can easily choose the best marketing automation software in South Africa. For help along the way, contact the experts at