The Importance Of A Website In Online Marketing

The first and most important step in online marketing is building and launching a website. A website is an online business card that holds all of the relevant information regarding your services and products. It can be shared, pointed to and recommended to any interested individual who might turn into a customer further down the […]

How To Create A Successful Adwords Campaign

A strong online presence is essential for a thriving marketing campaign. This strong presence can be achieved in a variety of ways, but the most effective and fast way is through an AdWords campaign. AdWords is a system from Google, which provides a very easy way for businesses to market and advertise their services and […]

Become A Well-Oiled Marketing Machine With Convrt Marketing

Marketing is both an art and a science, and in this age of online advertising, it seems more complicated than ever. Anyone you ask about web-based promotions will probably mention three letters: S-E-O. But if you’re unfamiliar with this acronym, their explanation will only dig you deeper into ignorance. They will throw around terms like […]

New Year, New Trends – 3 Tips For Online Marketing In 2018

Another year, another leap in online marketing. We’ve seen the online marketing landscape change drastically over the years. With constantly evolving search engine algorithms, new analytics and data gathering tools, social media platforms, and advertising options, each year brings new and improved methods of drawing in and converting customers. Let’s see what 2018 has in […]

Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel Marketing: What’s The Difference?

Modern marketing channels have evolved over time. However, the techniques have remained the same. Consumers still require products and services. But today’s customer is far more discerning and has a much wider range to choose from. It is now the marketer’s job to distinguish their brand in a sea of similar service offerings. Multichannel and […]

Make The Move To Mobile Marketing

Advertising has come a long way since the days of commercials and radio spots. While they still have a role to play, marketing has largely been eclipsed by online advertising. Social media and search engine marketing has a wider reach than traditional forms of advertising. Web ads can communicate with consumers in a way that […]

3 Inbound Marketing Tools To Use Before Christmas

3 INBOUND MARKETING TOOLS TO USE BEFORE CHRISTMAS If you’ve spent any time in the online marketing sphere, you’ve heard the term ‘inbound marketing’. It is the practice of attracting potential customers by helping them and giving them useful free information. It builds trust that – over time – can convert into sales. Inbound marketing […]

Content Is King

What is content marketing and why does it work? The purpose of most of the interesting stuff we find online is not just for our entertainment or enlightenment.  Clever infographics, laugh-out-loud memes, must-share videos and thought-provoking articles are placed within easy reach, in order to stimulate interest in someone’s products or services. This strategic marketing […]

The Magic of SEO

There are literally millions of websites on the Internet.  In this jungle, how do you make sure that your customers can find you?  Even though you are using pay per click advertising (PPC) and working on your brand with social media, you shouldn’t discount the power of search engine optimisation (SEO). Get seen first with […]

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