The Benefits Of An Integrated CRM And Marketing Automation System

CRM (customer relationship management) is an approach to manage a company’s interactions with current and potential customers that is essential for customer retention and driving sales growth. Marketing automation software is designed to automate marketing processes such as campaign management, lead generation, lead nurturing and social media management. Integrating your CRM and marketing automation systems provides a more efficient all-in-one platform to manage and analyse all your customer interactions.

What are the main benefits?

There are three main benefits to an integrated system:

  1. Unified approach to communication and data management
  2. Enhanced customer relationship
  3. Synchronisation with sales and service teams

With a CRM and marketing automation integration you have the benefit of consistent integration without any communication slipping through the cracks. A unified system streamlines the process, more than halves the time and effort spent on data management and reduces the risk of information getting lost. Under one single platform, the data is organised, easy to view and edit, and faster to input, organise and analyse. The purpose of both CRM and marketing automation is to build stronger relationships with new and old customers. Running both systems separately equates to holding two different conversations with the same customer. This adds room for error on your end and doesn’t add value to the customer’s interactions. An integrated system helps you in optimising your customer relationship by providing you a centralised platform with improved customer data. Together, marketing, sales and service teams need to retain a customer and assist them with their purchase. With separate systems, there is a discord between each team. A CRM and marketing automation integrated system keeps the cycle continuous for the customer and provides a unified platform for all teams to work together.

Streamline your customer interactions and processes

Such a seamless integration between systems can boost communications, organisation and management, providing a more efficient process for both the company and the customer. Additionally, a synchronised CRM and marketing automation system allows for better insights, the ability to scale as needed, and lower costs. To find out more about CRM and marketing automation, contact Convrt today.