Beat The Competition: Make Your Content Interactive

In the past, consumers were largely a passive audience. This tradition stretched from the early days of mass communication. At that time, radio presenters were considered as absolute authorities. Later, TV anchors held the same power over their viewers. It was assumed that to be on the news, you had to be more educated and knowledgeable than the average person. That’s why everyone believed what they saw and heard in the media. These days, things are a little different, because everyone has a voice. And they can share this voice with the touch of a button or the swipe of shiny glass. As a business, it’s essential to listen to these opinions and leverage them into good will (and sales).
Tapping into consumer interests
The shift to consumer interaction started a little earlier, with talk radio. Listeners could call radio stations to share questions and opinions, but they still largely took whatever the radio DJ told them as fact. When the Internet gained traction, anyone could share their point of view. Nowadays it is important to engage your online audience. There are many ways and tools to use to make your content interactive. Here are five examples of interactive content that your audience will love:
1. Infographics
2. Videos
3. Quizzes
4. Contests
5. Polls and surveys
Make sure that your content is designed to get the reader or user thinking, interacting and engaging with you and other users.
Getting your fans to talk back
The best way to improve your customer service and find out what your customers are looking for is to engage your customer and get them to talk back to you. To target your prospects effectively, work with a content marketing agency. An agency will have experience in dealing with prospects, catching their attention, speaking their language, and translating your product or service. Convrt Marketing and their team of content gurus handles all of your content needs. The customer comes first, and the way to get them coming back as well, is to provide interactive content. Contact Convrt for leading content marketing strategies today.