Discover The Power Of Infographics

You want to attract young, affluent consumers to your brand, right? Use content marketing. Traditional forms of advertising are becoming outmoded. With hundreds of television channels to choose from, who watches adverts anymore? When the adverts come on, the channel surfing starts. When a marketing agency wants to reach out to an audience today, they take full advantage of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Content marketing is ideal for social media platforms. People love to read –and share — blogs and articles, but they don’t like bland adverts. How can you make your content marketing stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in the power of infographics.

Why Infographics Are The Answer To Your Prayers

Infographics are so important because they get your message across quicker and more effectively than traditional methods can. Four pictures, with punchy text, can get across more information than a full page of words can. The aim of your marketing agency is to grab the attention of a visual-obsessed generation. They don’t want to read, they want to see. Here are some tips for using infographics to take your content marketing from a zero to a hero.

  • Keep it bright and cheery

Strong, bold colours are the order of the day for infographics. Primary colours are great for catching the eye. Try not to use too many colours on one infographic, or else the words can get lost amidst the noise.

  • Inject a dose of fun

Adding a fun element to the infographic will make people want to share your content marketing. That’s nirvana, when your target audience become the people driving your marketing without even realising it. People like to be entertained, they love things a little silly. If you’re trying to market a baby product, for example, then your infographic could have a panel dealing with baby’s names. Which is more likely to get liked and shared, a list of the top 10 baby names (yawn), or a list of baby names that have been banned? People will love to know that a Malaysian court banned parents from calling their child ‘smelly head’, or that a New Zealand judge stopped a baby being named ‘Talulah Does The Hula From Hawaii’.

  • Don’t forget the call to action

Your infographic will be so successful that people won’t just see it on your own page. It can go viral. That’s why you need a call to action within the infographic. A simple: ‘Get more information on our products at www….’ will transform your infographic into the perfect content marketing tool.

Now can you picture how simple it is to get people liking your brand?